Sherni shows we dont need heroes like Mohanlals Pulimurugan

Director Amit Masurkars latest movie Sherni which released on Amazon Prime Video on June 18 was an eye opener on social and political realities that complicates the mananimal conflict in areas that fall beyond the grasp of our sight and mind. After watching Sherni one realises the extent to which Malayalam superstar Mohanlals blockbuster Pulimurugan was illinformed and backward.

The 2016 action drama revolves around Mohanlals Pulimurugan, who is celebrated for his skills in hunting tigers in his hamlet, which shares borders with a jungle. The highlight of the film was the way Pulimurugan tracks and kills tigers that have caused harm to humans.Pulimurugan has been hunting tigers since he was 10. His father gets mauled when he trespasses into the territory of a big cat. Young Pulimurugan is out to avenge this wrong and is out for the blood of the tiger that killed his father. Note it was Pulimurugans father who wandered into the deep jungle and crossed path with the tiger. The hero, however, wants the tiger to pay for the mistake of humans. A maneating tiger is not the villain, but ignorance is. The film shines a light on the source of conflict that is pitting animals against humans. It is the rampant deforestation for commercial reasons it is unchecked mining operations it is well-paved roads cutting across jungles, and it is the corrupt political system that worries more about the optics of a conflict than the lasting consequences of ill-convinced policies. Writer Aastha Tikus screenplay clearly shows us who pays for all this trickle-down effect of unchecked development that doesn’t take nature into account.While for Pulimurugan  taking down tigers is a mix of personal vengeance and a sense of public service for Pintu it is a sport. Shooting a tiger from a safe distance gives Pintu’s ego that much needed boost. The motives of these two hunters are poles apart but what they have in common is the ignorance about the consequences of their actions. The heroes we need are officers like Vidya Vincent Vidya Balan)and teachers like Hassan Noorani who know an act of killing is not the solution to all problems but educating people is. Unlike Pulimurugan, Sherni is not one-sided. It is not self-absorbed in the troubles of humans sharing habitat with wild animals.

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