5 real life Punjabi star couples we would love to see on the reel

There are a number of popular onscreen jodies who are known to entertain the fans a lot. At the same time, behind the camera there are some real star couples as well who if come on the big screen can turn heads in no time. Today we have compiled a list of such top 5 real-life Punjabi star couples we would love to see on the reel

The chemistry of Shenaaz Gill and Sidharth Shukla started turning head when they both appeared in a popular television reality show as contestants. While Sidharth Shukla won the trophy at the show, Shehnaaz Gill won hearts. And, this goes without saying that the two together painted the town red. Proof of the same is every trending hashtag SidNaaz.She is a girl from the glam world, he is a man from the medical field; totally opposite and totally adorable together. We are talking about Monica Gill and her Mr.Perfect, Gurshawan Sahota, who are among the most loved couples on social media. The two are officially engaged and are known to melt hearts with their pics and videos on Instagram. However, their fans and lovers would be more than happy to see them more on the big screen than on their mobile screens.Generally celebrities don’t like to speak about their love life or post pictures with their special someone. However Rubina Bajwa believes that she simply wants the world to know that how lucky she is to have Mr. Right in her life. Her social media is packed with pictures of her and Gurbakshand they make one of the cutest couples we have ever seen. They fit perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle and their admirers wish to see their real-life chemistry on the reel as well.Talking of the Bajwas how can we not mention Neeru Bajwa and her husband Harry Jawandha. He is tall, dark, and handsome, and she is simply sheer beauty, the two complement each other perfectly. Through Neeru Bajwa’s social media posts, it is clear that Harry is the best husband and an ideal father one can ask for. The way he treats his ladies, be it his wife Neeru or his daughters Aanaya, Aakira, and Aalia, it proves that perfect men do exist.Aarya Babbar and Jasmine Babbar, the long-time sweethearts who tied the knot of holy matrimony and decided to write their happily ever after. These two try not to post many pictures of one another on social media, the last we know is that they were seen together vlogging on their vacation. Apart from that, they are hardly seen doing any PDA on social media. However, through our conversation, we have been able to understand that these two are each others’ support systems. 

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